Habitudes Lanterns from David Bishop on Vimeo.

The Habitudes® brand is a place for Verdant peoples around the world, who are in tune with their aesthetic and the design that surrounds them. Disenchanted by selling to large retail around the world for the last 20+ years, the idea was to create products we would like to own without compromising on quality or design.

The Revolution awaits! Please join us in our quest to Educate, Design and Grow.  

At our Irvine, California 7.5 acre campus at Southwinds, you will find:

  • Glazed Stoneware Pottery
  • Cement Planters, Furniture and Accessories
  • Hand-thrown, Made in the USA Crystalline Pottery by Tom Wallick
  • Old Growth Olive Trees
  • Foliage
  • Aloes, Agaves, and Succulents 
  • Meandering Trails
  • Sunny Dispositions