Vertexx- Living Walls



 Filtrexx GardenSoxx® uses locally recycled organic materials  inside of photodegradable mesh. Diverting these organic materials from

landfills and applying them to the soil means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. For every 1,000 linear ft of 5” GardenSoxx

used, 25,000 lbs of organic materials are diverted and your carbon footprint is reduced by 48,000 lbs CO2e.  This is the equivalent of

offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of 4 passenger vehicles  driven for one year. In addition, the potential water absorption equals

up to 600 gallons, per rainfall event .1

If you are looking at creating living walls either commercially or for your residence, you've come to the right place. We utilize a system called Vertexx, which is a best in class engineered system that creates an ideal environment for plants to thrive. Their patented system utilizes 2' linear sox, which are planted up and have enough grow medium to thrive. Design, fabrication and installation.