August 5, 2017- Workshop

August 5, 2017- Workshop

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Alegría Farms: Natural Healing, Optimum Health and Pure Happiness...

Join us at our cutting-edge micro-farm for some stimulating conversation and an interactive 1-hour tour led by Alegría Farm's founder, urban farming pioneer and soil expert, Erik Cutter. See, smell, touch and sample Alegría Farm's all-natural superfoods: greens, nutrient-dense vegetables and medicinal herbs at our new 1/2-acre regenerative farm.

Gain valuable tips on growing your own organic produce and create your "Green Farmacy," creating edible vertical gardens, making your own living soil, vermicomposting and more. Erik will discuss his vision to help others create their own zero-waste micro-farms and how urban farming can promote local jobs, healthier humans and communities. His simple hydro-organic and soil techniques and efficient planting methods produce more high-quality, fresh food naturally, with much fewer resources.

Please reserve your space asap and meet me at The Nursery, 7000 Marine Way, Irvine CA 92618. This workshop begins promptly at 11:00am, so come early and stay as long as you like.