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"The Future will either be green or not at all"

Filtrexx™ brand is the industry leader and global advocate of performance based sediment and erosion control research and practices.

As the inventors of the compost filter sock, Filtrexx has seen the impact of their Soxx™ technology in diverse stormwater management, sediment and erosion control applications. They continue to push the limits of technology and sustainable solutions to evolve, based on both theoretical and applied research.

Fostering collaboration with the engineering and construction industries to embrace a fundamental commitment and shift from BEST Management Practices (BMPs) to SUSTAINABLE Management Practices (SMPs). Until now, decisions about erosion control have been widely based on cost rather than best performance and sustainable practices. We are dedicated to challenge established, cost-focused Best Management Practices with our Soxx technology. We are passionate about sharing the impact our technology has brought to the sediment & erosion control, stormwater management, living walls and gardening industries. We'd like to share the learning path we've taken and help our customers understand the impact our technology can have on a wide range of projects. We created this library of resources as a medium for sharing our research and general knowledge about stormwater management, sediment and erosion control, pollutant removal and living walls applications. Let us collaborate on your next project and share the exceptional performance and real value of our Sustainable Management Practices.

A superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles.

Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ is a three dimensional tubular device made of FilterMedia™ encased in Filtrexx® Mesh™. It is designed to support stormwater management, sediment & erosion control and pollutant removal Best Management Practices (BMPs). It is generally used in areas where delimiting at risk areas and diverting, cleaning and filtering stormwater runoff is critical. SiltSoxx is often used in combination with other sediment control systems to create a complete solution. Most typical applications are check dam, concrete washout, inlet protection, perimeter control, runoff diversion, slope interruption, sediment traps and diverse filtration systems.


Become a sustainability leader!

  • Many companies have sustainability goals they strive to reach—EcoPractices is a third-party verification company that helps to market your sustainability practices by providing proof practices were implemented and produced scientifically-proven environmental benefits.
  • EcoPractices helps companies create, reach, and market sustainability goals with a variety of services and product solutions.
  • EcoPractices identifies, collects, verifies, documents, and generates positive environmental impacts produced from simply implementing Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs) on your projects.
  • EcoPractices is committed to offering a library of SMPs from Filtrexx that not only comply with project permits, but are proven to outperform conventional, unsustainable products.

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