Changing the Landscapes of Gardening in California

Case Study: The Nursery, Irvine CA

Born in California and raised by Midwestern parents with a farming and cattle history, David Bishop has been gardening his entire life. In college, he studied Visual and Performing Arts. With an illustration and design background, he began his career designing Home and Garden Couture for large retail, taking him to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. His focus has always been to bring great design to market with a focus on utility. 

“I want to reinvent how things are done,” said Bishop. “I want to do it differently.” 

Along with reinventing home and garden products, Bishop has always had a vision for opening a place where people could be inspired to garden. In September 2016, through a chance meeting Bishop was introduced to Frank Berry, who had a lease on a plot of land in Irvine, California and was also looking to re-invent how nursery might be done. Together, they began building out a vision for a nursery space, where they could offer inspirational design, meandering trails, and aesthetic choices to help guide customers on their own creative journey…aptly named The Nursery™. 

“When Frank and I partnered up at The Nursery, I was introduced to a variety of vendors he was developing business with,” said Bishop. “The vendor that seemed the most appealing to me was Filtrexx® and more specifically, their VerTexx® Walls as they are particularly fashionable right now. Close to 70 percent of the customers coming through The Nursery are new-build homeowners who are looking to upgrade their landscaping, but with smaller yards, they are keenly interested in designer touches to maximize their space.” Bishop continued, “and VerTexx Walls really lend themselves to that. People are incorporating both edible and ornamentals into their designs, some in love with succulents and others more geared to sustainable and organic produce and the VerTexx Walls are an ideal fit.” 

After conversations with Dr. Craig Kolodge, Western Regional Director of Business and Field Development for Filtrexx, Bishop realized what a great partnership Filtrexx and The Nursery would be. “Our conversation further expanded my understanding of just how broad the entire line of products could become and how it is truly changing the world,” said Bishop. “I have always found that when great design and utility meet, it is a winning combination. Because my role at The Nursery has evolved, it became clear that I might be the ideal point-person to communicate the advantages and opportunities that the Filtrexx line of solutions make.” 

On the farm side of the nursery, they were already using Filtrexx GardenSoxx® for growing vegetables. Bishop said it “just made sense” to add Living Walls to the mix. Bishop’s goal has always centered on improving the aesthetic of gardening and the reality is, people are simply “enchanted with growing succulents on a wall.” 

“Working with clients to develop landscaping for their home is a tall order. The suggestions we make and the solutions we prescribe have a lasting impact on how they enjoy their space. We take that very seriously by digging deep on their personal aesthetic—the style and color of their house, etc. I don’t want to just sell people pottery and plants. I want to help with the storytelling and making their home a place of respite, functionality, and most importantly, their version of paradise.” 

The mission continues as The Nursery looks at new locations to execute its vision. “As we introduce events, workshops, and community outreach programs, we are, in big and small ways, changing lives,” said Bishop. “My philosophy with our brand is to help people achieve and define their own aesthetic and from that live beautifully inside and out.” 

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