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I remember in college hearing the story of the Salvation Army and how every year Christmas the founder of The Salvation Army in London England, General William Booth, looked forward to addressing the crowd at the Army's annual convention. He loved seeing the faces of those who were dedicated to the charity and were passionate about its mission to serve. But on Christmas in 1910, General Booth's health was poor and he knew he would not be able to attend the convention in person. When the thousands in attendance were told that he would not be present, a wave of sadness and disappointment swept over the crowd as General Booth's speech every year was the highlight and something everyone looked forward to all year round. However, Booth had sent a telegram to be read. As the moderator opened the telegram the thousands waited in anticipation to hear his message. His telegram was then read out loud to the crowd: 
Signed, General Booth.

Only six letters to sum up the entirety of the mission. This has stuck with me my entire adulthood and when the opportunity to serve or do what I can arrises, I think of his message from 1910.

The other message that resonates inside me is from Andy Stanley, where he calls us to "do for the one, what you wish you could do for the whole." So often we think about our personal contribution not making any impact at all. Wrong. Any gesture of kindness, regardless of size makes a difference. As much as we'd like to help the entire world, let us start with an elderly neighbor or coworker or anyone whom crosses our path and we can chose to be kindness in action.

Which brings me to Stars and Stripes. We are donating a floral arrangement that includes a Tom Wallick porcelain vase from our personal collection in the spirit of helping children and giving back. They are having their 22nd annual fund raising tournament this June 28th through July 1st, hosted by the Hilton in Los Cabos Mexico to raise money for kids in need. If you are not involved in a charity, perhaps this is one you might consider. Here is a link to their website should you want to participate.



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  • Michele Ryan


    On behalf of Stars & Stripes Children’s Foundation and all the youth in California and Baja who will benefit from our fundraiser, thank you! Your generous and loving spirit shines through in your creations. The beauty of your vase and planting attracted competitive bidding in our silent auction, and helped raise money for deserving kids. We are very grateful for the commitment to giving you demonstrate through Habitudes’ donation.

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